Eagles Fans Learn New Phillies Favorite, Bryce Harper, Reps The Cowboys

Eagles Fans Learn New Phillies Favorite, Bryce Harper, Reps The Cowboys

Philadelphia has some of the most die-hard sports fans in the world, and now they’re faced with a major conflict. Their newest “favorite son,” traded-in slugger Bryce Harper of the Phillies, is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan.

Et tu, Bryce?

Less than a week after electrifying Phillies fans with the ultimate revenge game against his former team, the Washington Nationals, in their home park -- where a row of seven fans lined up in the right field stands and spelled out the word T-R-A-I-T-O-R with their shirts -- Harper has now been “outed” as a fan of the Eagles’ most hated rivals.

What’s a Philly fan to do with this one?

To be fair, Harper’s affection for the Cowboys has never been a secret. In fact, the Las Vegas native triggered Washington fans when he wore a Cowboys hat to an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, and he praised Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott in a live interview during the 2018 MLB All-Star Game.

Yet somehow, nobody thought to ask Harper these kinds of probing questions before bringing him to the City of Brotherly Love to play baseball on a 13-year, $330 million deal.

(via The Inquistr): .... it suddenly became a sports radio topic in Philadelphia on Thursday. Radio station WIP’s afternoon show, hosted by Ike Reese and Jon Marks, put out a Twitter poll asking whether Harper should maintain his Cowboys fandom or switch to the Eagles. As of Thursday night, 71 percent had answered “Quit and be an Eagles fan.”

Marks and Reese had an Eagles player, Jason Kelce, on their show and asked him what he thought.

“Philly doesn’t like Cowboys fans… but everybody’s got their background, and Bryce seems to be enjoying himself in Philadelphia,” the Eagles’ center said on the radio. He added that he advised Harper to never wear a Cowboys jersey to an Eagles game.

Though this will test Eagles fans to the max, Harper may just squeeze by if he keeps his football “leanings” to himself. Through his first five games with the Phillies, Harper is batting .500, and already has three home runs and five runs batted in. Winning goes a long way toward earning “understanding” fans. Or least more tolerant ones.

Harper also reportedly supports his hometown Vegas Golden Knights, which also won’t likely sit well with Philly’s passionate hockey fans, but that battle can wait until next year -- the Flyers have already been eliminated from playoff contention this season.