Former Packers Coach McCarthy Denies 'Massages Over Meetings' Accusations

Former Packers Coach McCarthy Denies 'Massages Over Meetings' Accusations

In the latest episode of “The Green and the Gold,” former Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy waxed poetic on his disastrous firing from the Packers and pushed back on allegations put forth in a scorching Bleacher Report expose’.

There seems to be no end to the drama surrounding this story, even though the Rodgers-McCarthy saga ended last December in Green Bay. But as more details of their dysfunction continue to come to light, it becomes even more amazing that the team and the organization managed to keep it under wraps for so long.

According to McCarthy, who gave an interview to ESPN's Rob Demovsky, the Packers couldn’t have handled his firing any worse. The team relieved him after a humiliating 20-17 loss to the 3-9 Arizona Cardinals, on Dec 2 with basically no warning. But the Bleacher Report's Tyler Dunne revealed a starkly different picture in his exhaustive article, which detailed the long, fragile history of the Rodgers-McCarthy relationship and its ugly drawn-out breakdown.

One of the most damning tales from the expose involved McCarthy supposedly missing team meetings, instead choosing to sneak in massages in his office.

(via NFL): "I wouldn't even know where to start and stop with the article," McCarthy told [NFL Network's Tom] Pelissero. "But to say that I skipped a team meeting for a massage is utterly absurd."

McCarthy added, laughing, "I have a massage scheduled tomorrow, and I can promise you I will not miss my primary responsibility of picking up my two kids from school."

The coach told Pelissero that while he did used to get massages in his office, those instances occurred around 2010, when Green Bay was not struggling and in fact making postseason runs.

The other striking theme throughout the era was McCarthy’s inability or refusal to evolve the Packers’ offense and innovate with new, progressive playcalling. According to former Green Bay receiver James Jones, the head coach did draw up new plays that the team ran in practice, but they often died there, never making it onto the field during games.

"One thing I do want to say is coach Mike would have us out there running a bunch of new plays,” Jones said on NFL Network’s Total Access on Thursday night. “We're thinking we're going to run these plays in the game and then we get in the game and we don't run any of these plays. I think that's where the frustration comes with Aaron Rodgers. We're running the same stuff but we put in 20 new plays that we're not running."

Jones went on to say that despite what some former teammates said on record, those were likely their opinions.

"I don't remember any of this stuff going on,” Jones said.