’Sneak And Peek’: Kraft Lawyers Move To Toss Spa Hidden Camera Footage

’Sneak And Peek’: Kraft Lawyers Move To Toss Spa Hidden Camera Footage

The plot continues to twist and turn in the case of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the infamous Florida massage parlor, as his attorneys now allege the hidden video camera was installed under a “sneak and peek” warrant.

Kraft’s legal team reportedly filed a motion in Palm Beach Country to toss video evidence of the 77-year-old in the spa allegedly receiving sexual favors, claiming that the hidden video cameras “violated constitutional privacy protections.”

According to Kraft’s lawyers, state investigators gained access inside the spa under the guise of a “fake bomb threat,’’ then installed hidden video cameras to advance their sting operation. Now, Florida prosecutors are using the footage that they recorded against 25 men, including Kraft, charging them with receiving sexual favors at the massage parlor for money.

(via Boston.com): The high-stakes motion, if successful, would bar prosecutors from showing the video footage to jurors at trial. Kraft’s attorneys allege police illegally searched the spa and that the hidden video cameras the officers violated constitutional privacy protections.

The Patriots owner faces two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution inside the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Fla. He has proclaimed his innocence in the press and pleaded not guilty in court, saying he has not engaged in any illegal activity and opting to take his case before a jury.